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Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder), a large, thick, extremely stocky, heavy-bodied snake with a short (males) to very short (females) tail. Buy Venom of Bitis Arietans, Snake large in length, thick, extremely robust and heavy-bodied with a short (males) to very short (females) tail. It can grow to a maximum of about 1.91 meters (with a circumference of 38 cm). Specimens from Saudi Arabia are much smaller, rarely exceeding 0.80 meters. Unusually, the largest specimens are found in semi-desert regions and dry savannahs. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

The head is broad, flattened, lanceolate, and very distinct from the narrow neck. The head is covered with small keeled imbricated scales. The muzzle is short and the song is different. The nostrils are large and look more directly upward than on any other African viper. The eyes are medium in size with vertically elliptical pupils. Dorsal scales are heavily keeled with apical pits (outer scale row smooth or weakly keeled). Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Highly adaptable to a wide range of habitats (including savanna, scrub, and semi-desert) up to approximately 3,500 meters elevation. It is absent only from true desert, tropical rainforest, and grasslands and very high montane peaks. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Terrestrial snake, mainly nocturnal and very lazy. Emerges at dusk and remains concealed in cover (effective camouflage) ready to ambush prey. If disturbed, it inflates its body with air and exhales in loud hisses or puffs (hence its common name) and will assume a conspicuous posture with the front of the body in a tense S-shape. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

However, at the same time, he moves back to take cover. It will strike easily and quickly if cornered or provoked. Often swims, but on land moves with a caterpillar-like motion, leaving a straight trail in sand or loose soil. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Feeds on a wide variety of prey, including hares, hedgehogs, grasshoppers, and roaches, but most often rodents, small mammals, lizards, and birds, and occasionally other snakes. An opportunistic feeder. The young feed mainly on toads and frogs. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

In the event of an actual or probable snake bite, perform the following first aid measures without delay.

Make sure the responsible snake or snakes have been properly and safely contained, and are out of danger of inflicting additional bites.


Call immediately for transportation Phone:


Keep the victim calm and collected. Allow him to lie down and avoid as much movement as possible. If possible, allow the bitten limb to rest lower than the victim's heart.

Immediately wrap a large, tight crepe bandage around the bitten limb starting at the bite site and working up the limb proximally (to its full length if possible). The bandage should be as tight as one would bandage a sprained ankle.

Secure the splint to the bandaged limb to keep the limb as rigid and immobile as possible. Avoid excessive bending or movement of the limb while applying the splint.

DO NOT remove the splint or bandages until the victim has arrived at the hospital and is receiving Antivenom.

Have the SAIMR (South African Institute of Medical Research) multi-purpose antidote ready for the Lifeflight crew to take with the victim to the hospital.

First aid:
Description: First aid for Viperid snakebites likely to cause significant local injury at the bite site (see list in Comments section).


1. After ensuring that the patient and bystanders have moved out of range of further snake attacks, the bitten person should be reassured and persuaded to lie down and remain still. Many will be terrified, fearing sudden death, and in this state of mind they may behave irrationally or even hysterically. The basis for reassurance is the fact that many venomous bites do not result in envenomation, the relatively slow progression to severe envenomation (hours after elapid bites, days after snake bites), and the effectiveness of modern medical treatment. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom

2. The bite wound should not be handled in any way. Wiping it once with a damp cloth to remove the poison from the surface is unlikely to do much damage (or good), but the wound should not be massaged. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

3. All rings or other jewelry should be removed from the bitten limb, especially on the fingers, as they can act as tourniquets if edema develops. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

4. The bitten limb should be immobilized as effectively as possible using a makeshift splint or sling; If available, a crepe bandage of the splinted limb is an effective form of immobilization. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

5. If there is any deterioration of vital functions, such as problems with breathing, airways, circulation, heart function, these must be attended to as a priority. In particular, for bites that cause flaccid paralysis, including respiratory paralysis, both the airway and respiration may be affected, requiring urgent and prolonged treatment, which may include the mouth-to-mask exhaled air transfer technique ( mouth to mouth). Seek urgent medical attention.

6. Do not use tourniquets, cut, suck, or scarify the wound, or apply chemicals or electric shocks.

7. Avoid oral intake, absolutely no alcohol. No sedatives outside the hospital. If there is going to be a considerable delay before getting medical help, measured by several hours or days, then give clear liquids by mouth to prevent dehydration. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

8. If the offending snake has been killed, you should take it with the patient for identification (only relevant in areas where there are more than one naturally venomous snake species), but be careful not to touch the head, as even a snake dead can poison. No attempt should be made to chase the snake into the undergrowth, as this will risk further bites. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

9. The snakebite victim should be transported as quickly and passively as possible to the nearest place where they can be seen by a person with medical training (health post, dispensary, clinic or hospital). The bitten limb should not be exercised as muscle contraction will promote systemic absorption of the venom. If a motor vehicle or boat is not available, the patient may be transported on a stretcher or fence, on the back seat or crossbar of a bicycle, or on someone's back. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

10. Most traditional first aid measures, and many of the more recently fashionable ones, are useless and potentially dangerous. These include local cautery, incision, excision, amputation, suction by mouth, vacuum pump or syringe, combined incision and suction (venom-ex apparatus), injection or instillation of compounds such as potassium permanganate, phenol (carbolic soap) and trypsin, application of electric shocks or ice (cryotherapy), use of traditional herbal, folk and other remedies, including ingestion of emetic products from plants and parts of the snake, multiple incisions, tattoos, etc. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Treatment Summary:

Puff adder bites are likely to rapidly cause severe local and systemic envenoming, requiring urgent evaluation and treatment. Fluid change and shock can occur. Urgent fluid loading, good wound care, and antivenom are required. Although compartment syndrome may occur, it should be confirmed by pressure measurement before considering fasciotomy. Be careful with any surgical intervention while the poison bleeds are active. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Key diagnostic features:

Local swelling, blistering, necrosis + coagulopathy, bleeding

General management approach:

All cases should be treated as urgent and life-threatening. Prompt assessment and initiation of treatment, including the appropriate antidote (if available), is mandatory. Supports all cases. Buy Bitis Arietans Venom Online (Puff Adder) – VenomIf

Anti-venom therapy:
Antivenom is the key treatment for systemic poisoning. Multiple doses may be required.

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